DesignLab is the brainchild of its Director Parikksit Labhassetwar, who is passionate about the process of creative communication. He has the necessary expertise, exposure, and experience in the advertising industry and the right entrepreneurial temperament to successfully manage the demands of the business. As the name suggests, DesignLab is all about coming together of minds in the pursuit of inventing and innovating techniques of creative and effective communication for the marketplace that benefits the advertisers. No two clients are alike and so can’t their needs be the same. We believe in providing customised communication strategies and solutions while ever improving and building on the last assignment. We have the people, the resources, the know-how, the equipments, the methods and most importantly the quest to prove ourselves again and again.

Why DesignLab

Defining the problems and opportunities, researching the client and the competition, analysing the market conditions, collecting relevant data, probing into different situations, raising questions, checking on new possibilities, fixing the timelines, predicting the outcome; what may sound as a scientific methodology is actually the communication development and delivery process in this agency, that for good reasons, is called the DesignLab.
  • Promoter’s cumulative experience of 2 decades in the industry
  • Clear understanding of the needs of different industries and their vertical
  • Hands-on expertise in different media (conventional and contemporary)
  • A person-to-person (P2P) organization
  • Take a holistic view of advertising and promotional communication
  • Systematic approach to every assignment
  • Work towards developing and maintaining long-term win-win
    business associations


205, 2nd Floor, Vishal Complex,
DSK Ranwara, Bavdhan,
Pune 411021, Maharashtra, INDIA